How much does it cost to use

Nothing. The registration on and the search for carpoolers is completely free. We will not ask you for a remuneration at any time.

Sharing the costs

For the ride itself, a remuneration is paid to the driver. The amount is determined by the driver and the passenger, in consensus. It is best to agree on this amount before the ride. Mpact advises to pay a remuneration of € 0.10 per kilometer, if the driver doesn’t have to make a detour. If the driver needs to make a detour to pick up or drop a passenger, the detour itself is advised at € 0.30 per kilometer.

The additional kilometers that a driver makes to pick up or drop off a passenger represent a real cost to the driver. If this detour is explicitly requested by the employer then these kilometers can be introduced and reimbursed as a service trip. This amount is not taxed as it is considered a reimbursement of expenses.

No profit

It is very important to keep in mind that the driver can’t make a profit on the ride. This means that the total amount paid to the driver (by all the passengers) can’t be over € 0.40 per kilometer.

If the driver should make a profit on the ride, there are a lot of consequences for insurances, obligations concerning the driver’s license, fiscality…